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ACORN Watch: The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office warped priorities

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 11, 2009 11:10 PM

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office issued a statement tonight indicating that it may prosecute the Big Government undercover team that conducted one of its ACORN/prostitution stings in B’more.

Yes, really.

The young reporters could face up to five years in jail for violating Maryland’s wiretap laws.

Reader John Muraro notes that the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office was responsible for handling the Zachary Sowers murder case, which I blogged about last year. He was pummeled into a coma by a gang of teenage thugs and later died of his massive injuries. Three of the four remorseless attackers were allowed to plea bargain down to eight years each in jail.

John sums up the warped priorities:


· undercover investigation by the conservative reporter = reporters may serve 5 years in jail

· the animalistic beating of a young man by 4 thugs, resulting in 9 months of suffering and his death = plea bargained to 8 years in jail

That’s a rather peculiar sense of justice.

Yes, yes it is.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy can be reached at mail@stattorney.org or (410) 396-4001.


Allahpundit looks at the statute the ACORN-protecting officials in Maryland want to use and notes:

You’ll find exception after exception provided for law enforcement to shield them from liability when they tape criminals surreptitiously to serve the public interest. Kind of like how O’Keefe did here.

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