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Senate votes to keep spending millions on stimulus signs

By Doug Powers  •  September 18, 2009 11:34 PM

Ever since the “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009” kicked in, it was obvious that a major part of the stimulus would be paying people to design, manufacture and put up signs alerting taxpayers where their “stimulus” money was going. You’d have to spend a fortune on an investigation to find a better example of a self-perpetuating sinkhole — and then spend even more money on signs announcing the findings of your investigation — to top this.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, and many others, want to keep spending millions on the stimulus signs because to stop doing so would be to deprive us lowly taxpayers the honor of seeing where our money is being spent (we know it when we see it, Babs, no sign necessary) — and one of those areas is the signs themselves:

They’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars to stimulate the economy, so Senate Democrats said Wednesday they might as well spend millions putting up signs to highlight where the money is being spent.

The road signs, which let motorists know the paving and construction projects they see are being paid for by the $787 billion economic stimulus program, have popped up across the country. In a 52-45 vote, the Senate decided the signs should stay.

“Why on earth would you want to hide from the American people the fact that the recovery package we passed is putting people to work?” asked Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, who took the lead in defending the expenditure. She said stimulus spending is beginning to improve the economy and charged that Republicans and Democrats who voted to strip out the funds are angry about that success.

If we insist on paying money for signs bragging about where money is being wasted, how about a few million to put up some “Buffoon at Work” signs outside some Senate offices? If there’s a more necessary make-work program, I have yet to see it.

Boxer spinning the spending of millions of our dollars on these signs as a service to taxpayers reminds me of Charles Rangel, whose throws down almost $800 taxpayer dollars a month for a car lease because driving a cheaper car would be a sign of disrespect to his constituents.

Senator Boxer, given the economic conditions that have only worsened since the beloved stimulus passed, every time I see one of those signs now, no matter where it is, this is the perceived scenery:


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