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Dear GOP: If you don’t like “Chicago-style politics”…

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 23, 2009 09:41 AM

So, the GOP leadership is waking up to Team Obama’s “Chicago-style politics.”

Here’s GOP leader John Boehner condemning the White House heavy hand.

I was in the Windy City last night for the United Republican Fund’s 75th anniversary. URF is committed to electing conservatives to office and I was impressed with the number of fresh, young conservative faces who are running against the culture of corruption in both parties.

Cultivating the next generation of stalwart right-thinking and right-voting city council, school board, and state candidates is crucial. Today’s state legislator could well be tomorrow’s president. Look at 1600 Pennyslvania now.

The revolt against the GOP establishment’s backing of radical leftist Dede Scozzafava was a hot topic last night.

Many folks let me know they have witnessed or battled the same forces in their own backyards and races. And they are sick and tired of it.

On a related note, I was also told that national GOP officials pressured the state party not to endorse/promote my appearance at the URF event. Perhaps if I had won a Margaret Sanger award, endorsed card check, supported higher taxes, and cozied up to ACORN front groups, Beltway GOP elites pushing “practicality” over principle would be more welcoming.

The GOP shouldn’t balk at Democrats’ Chicago-style politics that seek to isolate/demonize opponents while practicing those very same marginalization tactics on its own conservative base.


Side note: I’ll be in Lake Charles, Louisiana tonight for a GOP women’s event. It’s great to get out on the ground.

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