The taxpayer-subsidized illegal alien help line

No doubt Janet Napolitano will find a way to praise this as an example of her homeland security system working:

A group of California artists wants Mexicans and Central Americans to have more than just a few cans of tuna and a jug of water for their illegal trek through the harsh desert into the U.S.Faculty at University of California, San Diego, are developing a GPS-enabled cell phone that tells dehydrated migrants where to find water — and also broadcasts poetry, regaling them on their journey much like Emma Lazarus’ words did a century ago to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” on Ellis Island.The Transborder Immigrant Tool is part technology endeavor, part art project. It introduces a high-tech twist to an old debate about how far activists can go to prevent migrants from dying on the border without breaking the law.

You’re paying for it. And the “artists” you are paying are responding with a big middle finger:

The effort is being done on the government’s dime — an irony not lost on the designers whose salaries are paid by the state of California.”There are many, many areas in which every American would say I don’t like the way my tax dollars are being spent. Our answer to that is an in-your-face ‘so what?’ ” says UCSD lecturer Brett Stalbaum, 33, a self-described news junkie who likens his role to chief technology officer.

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