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High anxiety: DNC dispatches helper to Boston. SEIU and White House next?

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 11, 2010 10:33 AM

Humming High Anxiety

Politico’s Ben Smith reports that the DNC is sending a senior press aide up to Boston to help out Democrat Sen. candidate Martha Coakley.

Can Purple Shirt Commanding General Andy Stern of the SEIU be far behind?

How about the White House? Maybe we’ll get our reverse Midas wish, after all!

At a weekend fundraiser for Coakley, “listlessness” was the operative word:

Democrats turn out for Coakley
Attendance at the fundraiser for the attorney general was light, but organizers claim it was a success.

The fare was light, and attendance was even lighter, but enough contributions came in to enable the organizers of yesterday’s fundraiser for state Attorney General Martha Coakley to claim the outcome was a favorable one.

“I think it was a success,” reported organizer Nora O’Brien. “We raised more than $1,500, and that’s a good figure.”

Local Democrats had hoped for at least 100 attendees. O’Brien estimated the number was close to that. But in reality, Sunday’s event paralleled the listlessness with which voters statewide have treated the upcoming election to fill the unexpired Senate term vacated by the death of former Sen. Edward Kennedy. Coakley, the Democratic candidate, now leads Republican challenger Scott Brown by a relatively moderate nine points in the most recent statewide poll.

O’Brien said she was told by several male Democrats that scheduling the fundraiser for Sunday afternoon during a playoff appearance by the New England Patriots would probably deflate attendance. O’Brien admitted, however, that she isn’t a football fan. “I said ‘Who are they?’ ” she said, referring to the team that lost its playoff game to the Baltimore Ravens. Perhaps more importantly, Coakley was not there…

On the Scott Brown front, there’s a “Red Invades Blue” moneybomb fundraiser online today.

And front-line state troopers endorsed him today:

Martha Coakley may be the state’s attorney general, but her Senate rival is vying to match her law-and-order credentials.

Republican Scott Brown was scheduled Monday to receive the endorsement of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

It represents rank-and-file troopers.

Association President Richard Brown says “the terrorist threat in this country is real and Scott Brown will always come down on the side of protecting our nation.”

High Anxiety
Whenever you’re near
High Anxiety
It’s you that I fear

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