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Video: Union workers admits being paid by Coakley camp…but he’ll vote for Brown

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 12, 2010 05:13 PM

I printed an e-mail from a reader I received yesterday about union workers with Coakley signs standing outside the UMass debate venue. The e-mail reported: ” While speaking with one of the union guys holding the Coakley sign, he admitted that his union was paying him $50 to stand and hold the sign. I was blown away, I always thought that these guys were out in the cold like us, doing what we thought was the right thing to do, not that they were actually being paid a fee to do it. The best part was when he admitted that although he was there because he needed the money, he was voting for Scott!!”

Now, there’s video. The union guy is wearing a Sheet Metal Workers shirt from Local 17. Love how he says, “Shhhh:”

More info and on-the-ground reporting from the Fleming and Hayes blog.

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