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Four Saudis disrupt Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 13, 2010 01:07 AM

Nothing to see here, move along:

MyFoxDetroit.com – Sources tell Fox 2 that a flight from Amsterdam into Detroit Metropolitan Airport was held on the tarmac after landing because of unruly behavior by some of the passengers.

The source says four men from Saudi Arabia were saying something in Arabic that alarmed four on-board Federal Air Marshals. The Marshals speak Arabic. A decision was made to stop the plane on the tarmac away from the passenger terminal and remove the men from the plane.

Once the men were removed, the rest of passengers were then taken to the terminal for deboarding. The Transportation Security Administration says the unruly passengers were interviewed by Customs and Border Protection officials. But the TSA says the passengers were released and no arrests were made.

Yep. Same flight line that the Crotch Bomber took.

It’s all just a joke and misunderstanding, of course.

Did they have visas? What kind? For how long? Who issued them and when? If they were indeed Saudi nationals, were they even interviewed by consular officials before obtaining visas to enter this country? Thanks to those confidentiality rules that protect them from any and all scrutiny, the State Department will get a pass again.

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