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Arlen Specter should work for the Huffington Post

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 21, 2010 03:32 PM

Turncoat Pa. Sen. Arlen Specter has issues with conservative women.

Huffington Post has issues with conservative women.

They’re a perfect match.

Via Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Radio listeners in the City of Brotherly Love got a dose of just the opposite yesterday when Michele Bachmann took to the airwaves with Republican-turned-Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter.

The Stillwater Republican congresswoman, appearing on conservative talker Dom Giordano’s radio show, took some on-air flak from Specter after repeatedly talking over him. The senator eventually became irate and told her to “act like a lady.” (edited audio of the exchange below, hear the full recording here)

The show was broadcast on 1210 AM WPHT and hosted in Washington on the anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Specter had asked Bachmann what she has proposed or supported this year and was in the middle of criticizing her answer when she interjected.

“Now wait a minute. I’ll stop and you can talk,” Specter said. “I’ll treat you like a lady. So act like one.”

“I am a lady,” Bachmann replied.

Specter later went after Bachmann for saying she voted for “prosperity.”

“She said ‘I voted for prosperity,'” Specter said. “Well prosperity wasn’t a bill.”

“Well why don’t we make it a bill?” Bachmann responded.

“Now wait a minute, don’t interrupt me,” he said. “I didn’t interrupt you. Act like a lady.”

Allahpundit reminds us that Specter’s done the whole “lady” routine with another tough conservative woman — Laura Ingraham.

Just because he debates like a girl doesn’t mean we have to…

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