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SEIU thug-in-chief: Sorry for calling Democrat Senators “terrorists;” Update: UAW leader to members: “Shut the ^*%& up!”

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 28, 2010 03:28 PM

Oops. The head of the Purple Shirted Army got carried away with his rhetoric — likening his political opponents to terrorists.

When his underlings use such rhetoric against Tea Party activists — as SEIU goon Dennis Rivera did in a phone conference with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last summer — there’s no problem, of course.

But since Stern impetuously aimed his ire at Democrats questioning the government health care takeover, an immediate apology was in order.

Via ABC News:

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: SEIU President Andy Stern is walking back an eyebrow-raising comparison he made earlier this week, where he compared Democratic senators to “terrorists” for holding up health care reform.

“It was a bad choice of words,” Stern said on MSNBC Tuesday. “What I would say is that the American people sent the Senate there to have a debate, not to say, ‘We are going to hold the whole Senate hostage until I get my way. We don’t even debate until I get my special needs.’ That is not what people are expecting from the Democratic Senate. The hostage-taking, deal-making has to end, and we have to stand up and fight for what’s right for people.”

In a speech Tuesday, and in an appearance on ABC’s “Top Line” that same day, Stern said some moderate senators “acted like terrorists” by threatening to sink health care reform.

The Workforce Fairness Institute wants Stern to name names:


Speaking of union pottymouths, here’s a UAW leader in California using the persuasing of *%$&@’ing power to try and silence his members (via Steve Bartin):

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