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Cave-in Watch; Updated

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 19, 2010 12:28 PM

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Ohio Democrats Charlie Wilson and John Boccieri have caved.

Nevada Democrat Dina Titus is a yes.

Six pro-life Democrats led by West Virginia Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall are getting ready to sell out for a chump promise.

Fox News asks: One down, one to go?

On the no side: Mass. Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch.

NY Democrat Michael Arcurri is a no.

WaPo: Who’s in play: House health-care vote – How members voted on health-care legislation Nov. 7, where they stand now and who is still undecided.




PA Democrat Rep. Jason Altmire is a no.

FLA Democrat Rep. Allen Boyd is a yes.

Another reminder: “Keep in mind that from the time the Democrats started the 72 hour clock, they have been working hard at creating an aura of momentum and inevitability around the passage of Obama Care. What they most want to do right now is undermine the spirit of the opposition to get you to begin backing off.”


Update: Democrat Suzanne Kosmas is a yes.

Update: Indiana Democrat Brad Ellsworth is a yes.

Update: Arizona Democrat Harry Mitchell is a yes.

Update: Colorado Democrat Betsy Markey is a yes.

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