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Bart Stupak Still Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

By Doug Powers  •  March 23, 2010 09:42 PM


Sorry to overdose on Charlie Brown references, but those were the first things that came to mind when I read about Bart Stupak’s “deal” with President Obama that exposed Stupak as such a giant sucker that the Tootsie Pops people are considering suing him for copyright infringement.

Via HotAirPundit — Stupak might end up waiting longer for Obama to sign that executive order on abortion (or more importantly for it to actually mean anything) than the average American will be waiting to see a doctor in a few years:

President Obama signed the Senate health care bill into law Tuesday. He did not sign the executive order on abortion negotiated with Michigan Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak in an 11th-hour arrangement that may well have saved the entire health care reform effort.

A White House official told Fox, Obama will not sign the Executive Order Tuesday and has set no specific date to do so. Stupak predicted Obama would sign the order later this week. The White House said only that Obama would sign the order “soon.”

In two celebratory speeches Tuesday – one at the bill’s signing, the other at the Interior Department with health care advocates – Obama said nothing about the abortion issue or the executive order.

And really, why would Obama stick to any such executive order and anger what’s left of his base for a gullible member of congress who is going to be voted out of office in less than eight months?

Update: Apparently Stupak was planning to have all the unborn children he thought he was saving flown to northern Michigan for babysitting purposes, which is why he coincidentally announced these little airport enhancements.

Details from NRCC.

Update II: The White House is saying Obama will sign the executive order in private Wednesday — and no doubt rescind it the same way. Either way, Planned Parenthood isn’t too concerned.

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