Health Care Quote of the Day & Bill Signing Roundup

Joe Biden introduced President Obama today at a get-together that was hopefully more of a mass political funeral visitation than a health care bill signing ceremony, but in any case, Biden proved he’s still in “stand-up comic” mode when he reminded Americans that further debt and loss of freedom will make everybody richer:

In his opening remarks, Vice President Joe Biden noted that the Roman poet Virgil wrote that “health is wealth” — and that the signed law would make “Americans a lot more wealthy.”

The government is going to hire thousands and thousands of extra IRS agents to enforce this blessed health care bill. I feel richer already! And since health is wealth I’m assuming that Americans can now pay their taxes in avacados and wheat germ.

After the bill signing, the US Constitution was quickly escorted from the White House via the garbage exit (Dems claimed it made a racial slur).

Just as a reminder for Biden, the poet Virgil also wrote, “His sickness increases from the remedies applied to cure it,” and “Curst greed of gold, what crimes thy tyrant power has caused.”

As Biden introduced Obama at the bill signing, an open mic caught Joe telling the president, “This is a big f-ing deal.” For a second there I thought Chuck stood up.

If you didn’t see Bart Stupak in the audience, it’s because he was out on Constitution Avenue buying the Brooklyn Bridge from a homeless guy demanding change. What you also didn’t see at the health care bill signing ceremony was the health care bill. Scott Brown refused to loan Rahm Emanuel his pickup truck so they had no way to get it there.

Now Obama is off to Iowa on Thursday to sell something he’s already forced on America, like Captain Hazelwood going to Prince William Sound post-Valdez to convince the otters that they’re gonna love being covered in goop.

Good luck with the sales pitch, Dems. See you in November.

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