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Clyburn: Health Care Opponents are Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

By Doug Powers  •  March 25, 2010 10:29 AM

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) continues his desperate attempt to paint opponents of Obamacare as racists pining for a return to the Jim Crow era (unbeknownst to Clyburn, the only thing being forced to the back of the bus is the Constitution), but now he’s added terrorism to his vast repertoire of accusations:

Terrorism? Don’t you mean “Tea Partier-caused disasters”?

Clyburn also said somebody faxed a picture depicting a noose to his Congressional office. If only he’d have remembered to bring it to this interview with CNN reporter and Jeopardy savant Wolf Blitzer. I’ve also heard numerous stories from Clyburn and others about racial slurs being shouted at black members of Congress, but nobody that I’m aware of has produced any video or audio evidence that it happened, though I have seen video of Jesse Jackson trying his best to provoke protesters into calling him nasty names, but to no avail. Sorry, Jesse.

In other words, Rep. Clyburn, give Tea Partiers something to denounce, as well as evidence that it came from the aforementioned Tea Party terrorist organization, and I’m sure most of them will denounce it. But they’ll probably require more evidence of this terrorism than just a photo of some guy holding up a picture of the president with a Hitler mustache drawn on him. People grew numb to that during the Bush years, way back when the left considered dissent to be the ultimate act of patriotism.

Update: Jim Hoft puts a “tea partiers terrorizing members of congress with death threats” myth to sleep.

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