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Is Global Warming Causing the Tea Parties?

By Doug Powers  •  March 26, 2010 03:14 PM

The authors of this National Geographic story don’t come out and say it, but the timing of the publication of this bit of “news” is interesting given recent events (or, more precisely stated, how those events have been reported), especially because this same theory has been around since Al Gore was just a twinkle in Charles Ponzi’s eye:

Global Warming Making People More Aggressive?

Global warming could make the world a more violent place, because higher temperatures increase human aggression and create volatile situations, a new study says.

The report combined government data about average yearly temperatures with statistics on the number of violent crimes committed between 1950 and 2008.

Based on those records, the authors estimate that if the average temperature in the U.S. increases by 8 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 degrees Celsius), the country’s murder and assault rate will jump by about a hundred thousand cases a year.

A 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projected that global surface temperatures could rise by 2 to 11.5 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 to 6.4 degrees Celsius) by 2100 if no mitigating steps are taken.

Higher temperatures can increase human aggression in myriad ways, said study co-author Matthew DeLisi, a sociologist at Iowa State University.

Brad Bushman, a psychologist at the University of Michigan who specializes in human aggression, agreed.

“Hot temperatures make people cranky and irritable,” said Bushman, who did not participate in the new research. “Cranky, irritable people are prone to aggression.”

When I read the story it occurred to me that if the Gorebots haven’t thought to link the “angry” health care protests to global warming and use that as justification to quickly ram through Cap and Trade, immigration “reform” and any other number of grand schemes that are in the works before somebody gets hurt, N.G.’s revelation might prompt them to do this very thing. Just something to be on the lookout for.

How long will it be until Al Gore sees this story and thinks to link global warming and tea parties? Put me down for three days — two if it’s warm this weekend.

As a side note, it’s amazing that National Geographic is still referencing the discredited 2007 IPCC report. Does NG not stay up to date on science news (ignorance of the flaw is no excuse)? If that’s the case, there are Japanese soldiers living in caves on remote South Pacific islands who haven’t heard that the war is over who are more up to speed on current events. Or it could be that N.G. refuses to question the report’s legitimacy because they have some vested interest in continuing to perpetuate the hoax? Either way, these people are getting to be like Dan Rather still running around showing everybody the Bush National Guard documents.

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