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Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said “Cominskey Park” and flubbed softball White Sox question?

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 6, 2010 03:55 PM

The “Southside kid” can’t come up with the name of a single Chicago White Sox player, though he takes great pains to mention that he lived by “Cominskey” (sicdouble sic) Park…

He’s phonier than one of the faux vegetables from Michelle Obama’s garden.


Can you imagine if Sarah Palin or George W. Bush had flubbed the softball question like the Gaffe Machine-in-Chief?

Jimmie Bise: “President Obama’s Favorite Baseball Player Is…Well, Bring A Lunch. This May Take a While.”


Obama’s been getting the name of his supposed favorite ballpark wrong for years. Flashback July 16, 2009:

President Obama’s lordly attitude and effete bearing would be more than welcome there than on hard-edged 35th Street, but no doubt he wishes to keep his manufactured South Side “cred” and remains aligned with the White Sox. He may wish to brush up on the former name of where his beloved Sox play, though – it used to be Comiskey Park, not “Cominskey Field” as he told Bob Costas.

Really, it does not matter in the long run if our president is neither an exceptional athlete nor even a casual fan of some team in his adopted hometown. But be up front about it; don’t try cheap tricks using a compliant media and assume prominent residence in a group with which you are unfamiliar and attempt to relate. It stinks of emptiness and desperation.

Actually, it just stinks.

Allahpundit: “His approval rating in Illinois is down to 50/42, but after the south side hears about this, net negatives aren’t out of the question.”

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