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Hi, we’re from the Obamacare “help desk” and we’re here to…

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 6, 2010 11:43 AM

ABC News reports that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will speak today about how her department “will serve as a nationwide health insurance reform Help Desk.”

I guess the good news is that if this government “help desk” is anything like any other government agency’s phone lines for taxpayers, no one will ever get through.

She’s been using this “help desk” rhetoric for a few weeks now. Via Politico:

MR. ALLEN: Now under this law your office, your department immediately becomes more powerful with more responsibility. What is the biggest change for you in your job?

SECRETARY SEBELIUS: Well I think all along it’s making sure that we have the best possible people in place and that we have a sense of urgency about this mission. On one hand we want to get it right, as the President said, we need to do this in a very timely fashion. But there’s some very important changes which need to happen this year.

MR. ALLEN: So how do you personally keep that urgency going? How do you give them the boot?

SECRETARY SEBELIUS: Well, I’ve done a little of that again having run a state as a governor, often charged with implementing new laws, making sure that you know we had budget priorities- You choose the best possible people but you continue to make it clear to them that they’re accountable, we’ve got timetables, we’ve got measurements. And then I’m going to be personally involved. I’m not somebody who sits back and hopes it all goes well. I mean there’s a real hands-on effort that I take very personally. And this is a responsibility we’ve made to the American public to actually be the flow through.

It’s about giving people the tools that they need, helping them make better choices answering questions right away. There is so much I would say misinformation and confusion about what happens and when it happens. We need to be the face of competent government, the face of a help desk that can really respond to personal issues and questions and make sure we do that well and competently.

MR. ALLEN: Now how many additional people do you expect HHS to have to implement this?

SECRETARY SEBELIUS: You know I really don’t know. And we are, Mike, in the process of you know beginning to make assessments of every single step of the process. What I do know is that—

MR. ALLEN: But it’s probably hundreds?

SECRETARY SEBELIUS: Well I would think so but the focus at this point really is on first of all getting the process finally completed in the Senate.

Insert Reagan-esque shudder here: “We need to be the face of competent government, the face of a help desk.”

Question: How many purple-shirted SEIU thugs will it take to staff the Obamacare “Help Desk?”

Dial “1” to snitch on an anti-Obamacare doctor now.

Dial “2” to report on a business making unacceptable public comments about the costs of Obamacare now.


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