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Denver radicals issue Tea Party crash call: “Cut loose and let these racist crackers know they are opposed.”

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 14, 2010 05:41 PM

A Mumia-worshiping nutball group in Denver has just issued this Tea Party sabotage call:

On April 15th, the Tea Party Movement is planning major rallies throughout the country, including one in Denver. Part of this year’s convergence is a blatantly anti-Mexican ‘Tea Party Against Amnesty.’

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is calling on all radicals – anarchists and communists, Mexican and Black nationalists, Third Worldists and Indigenists, students, social critics and anti-racists – to come out and oppose this vile, hateful message in the midst of the Tea Party Movement. Bring signs, bullhorns, props, a hat and sunglasses, etc. Cut loose and let these racist crackers know they are opposed.

What: Oppose the racist ‘Tea Party Against Amnesty’
When: Thursday, April 15th; 10am-1pm
Where: Across the street from the Capitol building

“Cut loose?”

I hope law enforcement is on alert and on guard.

You’ll love their logo:

Be careful out there. Alinsky’s avenging angels are loaded for bear.

H/T Peoples Press Collective/El Presidente.

T.L. James has tips on thwarting the crashers.

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