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Holder on hot seat at Senate Judiciary Committee

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 14, 2010 10:42 AM

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing this morning with corruptocrat AG Eric Holder. C-SPAN is streaming it live here.

Holder should have worn an Olympic gymnast’s outfit. After boasting last month that bin Laden would be killed and that he’d be reading Miranda rights to his corpse, Holder now says capturing him remains his preference and goal.

Speaking of flip-flops, Keep America Safe notes that while Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein expressed support for the KSM civilian trial this morning, she was lambasting Holder’s NYC trial plans in January.

Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold keys off Feinstein for more suck-uppage on Holder’s Gitmo civilian trials plan: “Continued strength on your continued actions on this regard.”

On closing Gitmo, Holder vows “We will close” it, but he doesn’t know when.

The civilian trials for Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other high-value Gitmo detainees is still “not off the table” — and he tells the panel that he has an alternate list of trial locations.

Do tell, Mr. Holder.


10:37am Eastern. Sen. Grassley presses Holder on refusal to disclose names of political appointees at DOJ with national security conflicts of interest/previous representation of detainees. Pressing Obama on lack of transparency. Notes that while Fox News obtained the names, Holder did not produce the names directly in response to Grassley’s request.

Yes or no: Will you disclose those names to me?

Holder decries [Keep America Safe] ads questioning conflicts of interest. “I will not allow these kids” to be dragged through the mud. “I will not be a part of that.” Invokes John Adams.

In other words: The answer is no.

Grassley moves on to lack of a central database to keep track of recusals like private law firms have. “Why shouldn’t the DOJ have some centralized system of conflicts [tracking] as private firms have?”

Holder: “That is something we can consider at the Department.”

Duly noted.

Grassley continuing to grill Holder on joke of transparency and lack of FOIA responses to the public.

“I can assure you the president is sincere and I am sincere.”

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