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Immigration: Tear it down, and they will leave

By mmguestblogger  •  April 30, 2010 02:19 PM

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New York, California, Texas, Arizona and Florida have lagged behind in Census returns. Care to guess why? These states happen to have “higher shares of residents who are Latinos.”

Either people just don’t care and/or the states’ Latinos are angry and/or illegal aliens in those states are afraid to announce their presence.

Sources report that illegal aliens are leaving Arizona for more “tolerant” pastures. I’m really wishing and hoping they head to that wonderful, welcoming, and tolerant city, San Francisco. Man, I would love to see that. I predict a cascading effect among the states. As illegal aliens in Arizona head to states like Utah and Texas, they’ll craft their own immigration enforcement laws. In fact, a Utah lawmaker has introduced a bill.

(An immigration law expert debunks myths about Arizona’s law in the New York Times, and it’s a must-read).

Anti-enforcement types typically say America can’t round up millions of illegal aliens and kick them out. Impractical!  In 2008, I attended the Republican presidential debate and listened to Congressman Tom Tancredo debunk the rounding-up-millions myth. He said we don’t have to round them up. Enforce the law, and they’ll go home. Tear down the sanctuary, and they will leave.

All week, I’ve contained my anger over talk of “Gestapo” Arizona and Hispanics protesting and calling the law “racist” (although I vented a little). 😡

I don’t hate illegal aliens. I hate that my country has been overrun. I hate that I see Spanish language signs and government forms. I hate that my country has turned a blind eye to illegal south-of-the-border “immigration” because of the cheap labor it provides. I hate that our elected officials want to offer amnesty to these same illegal aliens, when people trying to enter and stay in the U.S. legally are still in line.

I hated it when George Bush pushed an amnesty bill (which crashed and burned), and I’ll hate it when Barack Obama does it.

Now I turn to something I love: THE WEEKEND!

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(Photo source: Daily Mail)

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