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Gingrich: ‘More of a Possibility Now’ I’ll Run for President

By Doug Powers  •  May 18, 2010 04:05 PM

**Posted by guest-blogger Doug Powers

Newt Gingrich has made a concerted thrust back into national politics lately with statements such as “Obama is the most radical president ever” and “the closest thing to Jimmy Carter I’ve ever seen” (Obama’s only a tool belt, a rabbit attack and a couple dozen Benoquin treatments away from being virtually indistinguishable from Jimmah).

This opposition to Obama caused the “will he or won’t he” chatter to start, and now Gingrich is admitting which way he’s leaning:

The former speaker said there is “more of a possibility now” that he’ll run for president than when he was considering the idea ahead of the 2008 election. He said he’ll decide in February or March of next year and will base the decision partly on whether there is “a potential to raise the resources to be a serious, major candidate.”

Not to pop his trial balloon, but if Gingrich runs, like many other conservative type voters, I’m going to have a serious problem shaking Gingrich’s involvement with Nancy Pelosi in “We Can Solve It.” The harsh winter we experienced in the U.S. is largely being blamed on how quickly conservatives cooled to Newt after that announcement aired. The science is settled.

And the “We Can Solve It” spot wasn’t just a one-off “I had too many beers and a tainted county fair elephant ear and made a horrible political mistake” kind of thing. Later on, Gingrich urged the GOP to “work with” Pelosi, and just last month at the Heritage Foundation, Gingrich again defended taking Pelosi’s hand and climbing aboard the Goretrain:

No matter how much conservative rhetoric Newt puts out there, this is a self-inflicted political wound that Gingrich doesn’t appear to care to heal by primary season.

Taking action on “climate change” is the left’s excuse of choice for the implementation of socialist policy, so Newt needs to understand that calling Obama “radical” while at the same time endorsing the modus operandi for instituting that radicalism leaves conservatives — and many voters in general — scratching their heads.

I’m just afraid that, no matter what Newt says or does from this day forward, when I’m in the voting booth and see his name, this is the only picture that’ll be in my head:


Newt can give all the scathing speeches against Obama and his radical agenda he wants, but until his actions start matching his words — and that will include full repentance for either falling for, or being a willing participant in, the great “global warming” hoax that was created to be nothing more than the main vessel into which all our money and freedoms flow — I won’t be reeled into his corner any time soon.

The candidate I vote for will be one who pledges to blow that vessel to bits — not help construct it.

**Posted by guest-blogger Doug Powers

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