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Don’t Quit Your Day Job, “Sir” Paul

By mmguestblogger  •  June 4, 2010 09:24 AM

The very same day Michelle asked me if I’d be interested in guest blogging here I had just posted that I was going to take some time off – a blogging hiatus – at Babalú. The reasons for my need of a break are simple: stress and frustration. I haven’t been able to take in the day’s news lately and write without the finished product being a four letter word laced rant. But I accepted Michelle’s gracious offer not only because she is a dear friend and colleague, but because it’s an honor for me to speak to her fine audience.

I’m having trouble keeping the f-bombs at bay today, though. And what put me over the top was “Sir” Paul McCartney’s tasteless, classless jab at our former President. And, moreover, this administration’s acceptance of McCartney’s remarks through its reticence over same.

Our country is run today by a clique. A group of arrogant kids of limited ability who compensate for their limitations by criticizing and denigrating those who they don’t see as belonging to the “cool” people group.

I have had the honor and privilege of meeting President Bush on three separate occasions. And each occasion predicated on the former President’s work fighting against human rights violations around the world, in countries where a remark such as McCartney’s against that country’s leadership would be cause for much pain and punishment. Say what you will about our former President – there is room for criticism – but his work for human dignity and against tyrannies that usurp same is unmatched. (And, unlike our current POTUS, modest and without self-congratulatory hubris.)

So, in response to “Sir” Paul McCartney’s pathetically juvenile and crass “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is” remark, I say:

“Sir” Paul, you’re a wanker. You might “know’ what a library is, but I’ll wager a week’s pay that you haven’t stepped foot in one in quite a long while. Which is a shame, really, as there you would find many reference materials, like, say, a dictionary, where you could look up the word “integrity,” find out what it means, and then pass it along to your clueless clique members for their edification. Including your pal Obama, if you can pry him away from his public preening in the media spotlight.

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