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Charlie Crist Removes Pro-Life Message From Web Site

By mmguestblogger  •  June 8, 2010 02:41 PM

Florida lawmakers passed a bill that would require doctors to perform an ultrasound on women who want to kill their babies during the first trimester and to describe what they’re seeing. Unless women can prove they were impregnated through rape, incest, or domestic violence (killing a baby because of how he was conceived?), they would be required to view the sonogram or listen to a description of it. (Source)

This week, Governor Charlie Crist, running for the U.S. Senate, will decide whether to sign the bill.

In a move that may indicate his intentions, the former Republican removed a pro-life and pro-traditional marriage message from his web site. Now why would he go and do a thing like that? Is he ashamed of wanting to protect unborn life and supporting stable, intact families? What a thing to be ashamed of. Slouching toward Gomorrah…

Marco Rubio, the pro-life Republican candidate for the same Senate seat, saved a screen shot of Crist’s message:

pro-life gone

“Now that he has left the Republican Party in order to win an election and is trying to attract liberal votes, the Crist campaign yesterday removed the ‘pro-life/family’ issue page of its website,” Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos told LifeNews.com. “In doing so, Charlie Crist eliminated any reference to being ‘pro-life’ in a transparent attempt to hide his position in order to win an election.”

Hot Air has more.

Crist called the bill government intrusion. And what an intrusion, eh? Taking an interest in protecting the voiceless and the most vulnerable!

What a flake.

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