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Media Starting to Run With Rumor That Sarah Palin Got Breast Implants

By Doug Powers  •  June 9, 2010 07:22 PM

**Written by guest-blogger Doug Powers

Via Newsbusters — Over the weekend, a Reuters photographer took this picture of Sarah and Todd Palin at the Belmont Stakes in New York:


I’d seen the picture, because somebody on Twitter posted a link to it, and I believe his exact words were “Wowee-wow-woweeeee” or something like that, but he was in no position to make an official call because his glasses were fogged up.

For me, discussion about that picture pretty much ended there, but not for others.

The liberal blog Wonkette asked if Palin had purchased herself a couple of “luxury items,” and of course HuffPo ran with it. Then somebody at the Boston Herald picked it up. Then the Toronto Sun. Then Fox Boston (I’m not really one to talk though, because I started the same rumor last year about Al Gore).

Another picture taken the same day would seem to dispel any enhancement talk, not that it’s going to put an end to it:


Here’s my own two, uh, cents: If there is anything slightly out of the ordinary about the Palin picture, it’s probably just Joe McGinniss stowing away under there unbeknownst to Sarah. In other words, she might be unwittingly wearing a “push-up stalker.”

By the way, if he hasn’t already, expect Andrew Sullivan to start a rumor that those aren’t Sarah’s at all, but actually Bristol’s and Sarah’s just pretending to raise them as her own.

Sometimes I think that the left simply forgets that they’re not looking at Tina Fey. In any case, we’re witnessing the birth of the “boob truther” movement.

Update: After I posted about the “boob truther” movement on Twitter, I was given some suggestions for what to call it’s followers — “Boobers” leads the pack so far.

Update II: Smoking gun evidence Palin didn’t get a boob job.

**Written by guest-blogger Doug Powers

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