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Things That Make Me Use (expletive!) Expletives

By mmguestblogger  •  June 10, 2010 08:05 AM

I mentioned last week that I was having trouble writing anything without having to lace the piece with four-letter words and, thus, the reason for my being on hiatus at my blog home Babalú. Well, this week is no different. In fact, my potty-mouthing would be much worse than before.

So, without offering much by way of expletive-in-caps commentary, I figured I’d list just a few items that are cause for me to have to wash my mouth out with soap and steel wool on a nightly basis:

– Barney Frank says we should give him and his cohorts even more power and control.

– The Obama administration and their Democrat cronies point the finger of blame at BP and oil companies with one hand, while patting them on the back with the other. Can you say oil company bailout?

– Gibby on why the administration hadnt contacted BP CEO: “Um. . .You see. . . The thing is. . .”

Rosie O’Donell

– The fact that Rick Sanchez is Cuban-American.

The United Nations.

A warning label on The Constitution.

Hezbollah Helen.

Why is Charlie Crist even still in the race for the Senate?

And the above are just from a quick perusal of the blogosphere this morning and are merely a small representation of things that lately make me want to spew f-bombs at the top of my lungs, ad infinitum.

I’m sure you all can find plenty more fodder to get my ire up, but, if you do, please send Xanax.

Update: See, now here’s a situation where I wouldn’t have the time to spew the f-bombs. If the moron in this video got anywhere near my wife, much less pushed her, I would have been completely and totally silent as I pommeled his sorry expletive.

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