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Van Jones and Michigan: Perfect together

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 15, 2010 10:28 AM

The Blog Prof has video of former green jobs czar/Valerie Jarrett’s favorite left-wing radical Van Jones hailing Michigan Democrat governor Jennifer Granholm’s abysmal clean energy economy.

Watch here and consider the record of the governor Jones praises as a “gold standard” in leadership:

Under Granholm, the #1 employer in Michigan is now the government. Coincidentally, Granholm is on pace to lose by her own admission more than 1,000,000 private sector jobs in the state. She has also by her own admission used schoolchildren as human shields for tax increases, has been pushing murderers, rapists out of jail early to save money, finds it ‘liberating’ to be a lame-duck governor (was she ever anything else?), gave the SEIU $3 million rather than to small businesses to expand in MI, slashed scholarships while handing out taxpayer money to her political cronies, has used the derogatory, dismissive ‘teabagger’ slur against protesters, and…has absolutely no clue after all her years in office of how to foster a pro-jobs environment…

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