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TSA Blocks ‘Controversial Opinion’ Websites: So I Guess This Is Goodb; Updated: TSA Withdraws Category

By Doug Powers  •  July 6, 2010 12:39 PM

**Written by guest-blogger Doug Powers

So is it fair to say “I guess this is goodbye” to any of Michelle’s readers who work for the TSA and check out the site from work?

From CBS News via Drudge:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is blocking certain websites from the federal agency’s computers, including halting access by staffers to any Internet pages that contain a “controversial opinion,” according to an internal email obtained by CBS News.

The email was sent to all TSA employees from the Office of Information Technology on Friday afternoon.

It states that as of July 1, TSA employees will no longer be allowed to access five categories of websites that have been deemed “inappropriate for government access.”

The categories include:

• Chat/Messaging
• Controversial opinion
• Criminal activity
• Extreme violence (including cartoon violence) and gruesome content
• Gaming

The email does not specify how the TSA will determine if a website expresses a “controversial opinion.”

Does Michelle have some readers out there who work for the TSA? If so, try to access this site — and then try to access HuffPo. I’m just curious, but I think I know how that will turn out.

You’ll notice that porn sites are not on the list of banned sites. This is so that SEC employees aren’t discouraged from seeking careers with the TSA.

My guess is that somebody at the top of the chain in Homeland Security simply got tired of employees laughing at this picture every day:


So would you rather have your TSA screener distracted by websites that might not have anything to do with his or her job, or sleeping? Hmm…

Update: The TSA withdraws “controversial opinion” category

**Written by guest-blogger Doug Powers

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