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SEIU crook of the day

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 9, 2010 12:01 PM

Continuing my series of posts on the bottom-up revolt against SEIU corruption…

Reader M, an SEIU member in New Hampshire, sends along a story on the Big Labor crook of the day. The NH State Employees Association is SEIU Local 1984. They’ve just put their president on ice, via WMUR. It’s a slap on the wrist, but it’s a start:

A panel of the union representing most of New Hampshire’s state workers has reprimanded its president, saying he unfairly denied others access to a delegate voter contact list.

The Concord Monitor reported that before Gary Smith was re-elected president of the State Employees’ Association in 2008, two other candidates for the job filed a complaint. They said Smith denied their requests for home phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the union’s voting delegates, even though Smith himself contacted delegates, seeking their support.

The union’s Charge and Trial Board found Wednesday that Smith violated ethics. The board imposed a two-week suspension.

Reader M adds:

The SEIU is a stain on the reputations of the hardworking government employees (some do exist!) they purport to represent.

I am an SEIU member who works for the State of NH. I’m not required to be a union member, but I joined specifically so I could vote AGAINST as much of the SEIU agenda as possible. Even if I hadn’t joined the union a portion of my paycheck would have been siphoned to SEIU for collective bargaining purposes, so I figured it would be better, as they say, to keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

Here in NH, State employees are given the option of telling the SEIU, “No, I do not give you permission to use my dues to support political actions and endorsements,” and you can bet your bottom dollar I checked off THAT box with a big, black, heavy-handed checkmark. Of course, I have no real way of checking to make sure that the SEIU isn’t using my money anyway. There was a time I might have been gullible enough to believe that an organization as big as the SEIU would have at least SOME accountability, but those rose-colored glasses got crushed under reels of bureaucratic red-tape years ago.

It makes me sick — and more than a little embarrassed — to be associated with the so-called “purple shirts.” I’m ashamed to tell people I work for the State. I am grateful for the job — I know what it’s like NOT to have one — and I try to use what little power I have as a union member to keep the SEIU from running roughshod over my fellow New Hampshirites.

Hang in there, M — and all the other watchdogs looking out for us from the inside.

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