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Stop the special-interest, speech-squelching DISCLOSE Act; Collins, Graham oppose, Snowe is a no; McConnell blasts Dem attempt to “rig fall elections;” Update: DISCLOSE Act fails on 57-41 cloture vote

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 27, 2010 11:38 AM

The union-friendly, loophole-ridden, Orwellian-titled DISCLOSE Act comes up for a cloture vote in the Senate this afternoon. It appears doomed. But take nothing for granted.

It passed the House in June.

This is a relief: Squishy GOP Sen. Susan Collins announced she’s a no vote:

The legislation exempts some politically powerful, large membership groups like the NRA and the AARP, a move that Collins’ spokesman blasted, on behalf of the senator.

“Senator Collins also believes that it is ironic that a bill aimed at curtailing special interests in the election process provides so many carve outs and exemptions that favor some grassroots organizations over others. This too is simply unfair,” Kelly said.

Yesterday, Prince of Transparency-Underming Darkness Barack Obama had the chutzpah to complain about “shadow” groups holding sway over politics (video here).

Snort. Take your disclosure-evading complaints about Astroturfing to David Axelrod, Mr. President.


Background on DISCLOSE Act’s First Amendment assault here.


Update: The Hill’s Michael O’Brien reports via Twitter that squishy GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham will also oppose the bill.

Update: Snowe is a no, too. Lieberman is going to miss the vote, via Ed Morrissey.

Looks dead. For now.


Update 2:51pm – McConnell on Senate floor now blasting DISCLOSE as “transparent attempt to rig fall elections.” Written “behind closed doors” with help from lobbyists. “Unions don’t need carve-outs, because they got exemptions.”

“Unions are the ultimate victors under this bill.”

Mocks carve-outs for AARP, NRA, and other large non-profits.

There’s no asterisk by 1st Amendment only protecting favored special-interest speech, McConnell continues.

Great closing line from McConnell invoking Founding Fathers and fundamental duty of lawmakers: “We’re here to protect the Constitution, not our own hides.”


Update 3:55pm Eastern Cloture vote falls short, DISCLOSE Act fails 57-41.

Schumer won’t let go:

Sen. Charles Schumer, the sponsor of the stalled campaign finance bill, promised Tuesday that Democrats would hold round-after-round of votes on it until it passes.

Schumer (D-N.Y.) spoke to reporters following the weekly caucus luncheons, slamming Republicans for holding up the response to the Citizens United Supreme Court case, which allowed unlimited political spending by corporations and unions.

“And we will go back at this bill again and again and again until we pass it,” he said. “It’s that vital, not to Democrats, not to Republicans, but to the future of people’s faith in the functioning of this government.”

Actually, the failure of this bogus bill went a long way toward restoring faith in the functiong of this government.

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