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Recovery Summer Update: Government Motors to Invest $500 Million in Factory in… Mexico

By Doug Powers  •  August 6, 2010 12:13 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


This is just their way of saying “thanks for the second chance, American taxpayers”:

General Motors will invest $500 million to produce a new vehicle and eight-cylinder engines in a plant in northeastern Mexico, a company spokesman said on August 4.

The decision was announced at a meeting on August 3 between GM management and Mexican officials, the spokesman said, without giving details of the new vehicle.

Well, the cars that people will actually buy have to be manufactured somewhere, I suppose.

Speaking of that, don’t criticize the Volt — it’s un-American.

Update: Email from another happy customer named Greg:

I’m not really understanding what the problem is. GM has manufactered in Mexico for decades, and their Mexican operations are very profitable. In recent years Mexican GM output has topped over 500k vehicles, mostly light trucks and Suburbans, over 70% of which are sold in the US. Not to mention parts from Mexican suppliers that are utilized in plants throughout the Americas. Are you suggesting that GM not invest in any operations outside the United States?

I realize Michelle loves to BASH the GM loans and anything to do with bad, bad, bad Mexicans, but does being a guest blogger also require you to be an asshole.

My reply: GM can do whatever they want when it’s their money, and they have for a long time and I didn’t criticized it — but now it’s US taxpayer money that “saved” them under the guise of saving the economy and American jobs, so yes, it should piss off taxpayers when they immediately pump $500 million into Mexico.

And yes, guest bloggers are required by law to be assholes, as are their critics apparently.

**Written by Doug Powers

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