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Sarah Palin’s Eye Roll: Back and to the Right… Back and to the Right

By Doug Powers  •  August 10, 2010 12:07 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Over at the Daily Caller, Jim Treacher comments about how Think Progress is “scrutinizing yesterday’s clip of Palin talking to the angry lady with a sign like it’s the Zapruder film.”

Newsweek wrote, “Palin gets snarky on a school teacher.” The school district’s website lists Kathleen Gustafson as a “Theater Tech,” but why expect Newsweek to get curious and check for themselves whether or not her claim is literally true? (had Gustafson been with the Tea Party the school district would have no doubt heard from a Newsweek fact checker by now)

When Palin asked Gustafson what she did for a living, and she said she was a teacher, that’s where eyeroll-gate started.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe Sarah somehow knew that Gustafson is also the director/singer in a drag queen band, that it was possibly a radio stunt or that Gustafson is (or at least was) president of the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic — you know how the pro-abortion folks love Sarah.

Here’s the horrible eye roll. This is worse than shooting wolves from a helicopter:

Palin’s father is a retired science teacher and her brother is a schoolteacher, so either she disrespects the profession of some of her family members, or this is much ado about nothing and an attempted set-up that has earned a collective eye roll from all of us.

Update: CNN anchors roll their eyes at Palin rolling her eyes. Larry King will probably roll more than his eyes when he watches the Sarah video.

**Written by Doug Powers

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