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‘Crash the Tea Party’ Teacher Now Unemployed — If Only There Was a Movement Dedicated to Improving the Job Market He Could Join

By Doug Powers  •  August 21, 2010 10:24 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Not too long ago, school teacher Jason Levin founded the “Crash the Tea Party” movement — and from that point on it backfired on him like a poorly maintained 1971 Buick Skylark (Michelle covered the crashclowns here, here and here).

With the future of Levin’s school teaching career in question, he resigned from his job this past week and is now unemployed:

Beaverton middle school teacher Jason Levin, who founded the now notorious “Crash the Tea Party” website, is no longer a teacher.

Share District officials would not say why Levin was facing dismissal, but that it followed an internal investigation into his use of public resources and time spent at school.

“There was some question whether that conduct occurred during the work day,” Osterink said of Levin’s work on the website.

Reached today, Levin said, “My attorney has advised me not to comment.”

Levin, a media lab technology teacher at Conestoga Middle School, drew international attention last spring after creating crashtheteaparty.org. The now defunct site had said it was part of a national movement to “dismantle and demolish the tea party by any nonviolent means necessary.”

The site encouraged people to infiltrate the tea party, then misspell protest signs, make wild claims during interviews and perform other public actions that would damage the public’s opinion of the tea party.

Poor guy probably started out thinking that it didn’t matter if he lost his teaching job because he’d be heading up a large national organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Hope & Change by now. Instead, he’s missed out on another “teacher stimulus” served up by the people he was protecting from the evil Teabaggers, and because he resigned from his job instead of waiting to be fired, he may have prevented himself from getting a cut of unemployment benefits that have been extended to the Second Coming. Come on, pal, Obama can only help those who help themselves.

Reasons for the rapid extinction of “Crash the Tea Party”? Overkill is one:



Another problem was that the “infiltrators” were just plain idiots.

Maybe Levin can get a job as the next spokesman for Geico. What? Oh, nevermind.

**Written by Doug Powers

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