Indiana Congressman Leads the Pack of Dems Distancing Themselves From Obama & Pelosi

**Written by Doug Powers

Of all the Democrats who are keeping President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at a mile-long arm’s length heading into the November election, nobody is running away faster than two-term Indiana Rep. Joe Donnelly.

In Donnelly’s latest ad seen below, he proudly claims that he voted against Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax. In a previous ad, Donnelly reminded viewers that he doesn’t “run with the Washington crowd” while a picture of Obama, Pelosi and Boehner appeared on screen.

Donnelly’s opponent says the ads are a joke because Donnelly voted with Pelosi 88 percent of the time and with Obama 85 percent of the time, but now he’s running from them 100 percent of the time. From from the ads it isn’t even obvious that Donnelly is a Democrat — even the caption on this video says “Independent.”

There is indeed no honor among thieves:

**Written by Doug Powers

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