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Gov. Granholm on Meet the Press: GZ Mosque Imam is a ‘Bridge Building Imam’

By Doug Powers  •  August 22, 2010 02:18 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Have you noticed how the Democrats have trotted out Michigan’s failure of an outgoing Governor, Jennifer Granholm, more and more lately on a national level? I think it’s because she’s one of the few people Democrats can find who has done a worse job than President Obama (it’s the political equivalent of the old adage, “if you want to look thin, surround yourself with fat people”).

Granholm was on Meet the Press this morning and told David Gregory that Feisal Abdul Rauf is a “bridge building Imam.” She might be onto something, provided we were only talking about building a bridge near ground zero. So, who told Granholm that Rauf is a “bridge building Imam”? Another Imam. I’m satisfied.

I’ll include this transcript (via HAP) because the video connection doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment:

GREGORY: “This was a hedge, an attempt to walk back his previous support. Has this been an example of strong leadership by the president to walk into this issue and make statements on this?”

GRANHOLM: “Any time someone stands up for the constitution which is what he did. There’s no disagreement that they have the right to worship and build on private property. The question is whether it is a good decision on their part, the question is what is the nature of this particular Imam. It’s a sect that’s supposed to be the most peaceful of all, that sect is under attack by al qaeda. the question is we need to hear from the imam, it’s a teachable moment.

In anticipation of this question — Michigan has the largest Arab American population outside of the middle east — I called one of our Imams yesterday, what can you tell me about it? He said he’s the most bridge building imam, one of the most in the country, he’s an American of course, we ought to hold that kind of leadership rather than brushing all Muslims with this brush that affiliates them with Al Qaeda. they’re being attacked by al qaeda too, they’re just as offended or maybe more so because of what the splash back is on all Muslims. We ought to be hearing from them.

Isn’t it great how this mosque debate has suddenly brought about a newfound appreciation for constitutional rights? Granholm mentions that she’s the governor of a state with an enormous Arab population, but she doesn’t mention that in Dearborn, Michigan you often have to check your constitutional rights at the door for risk of offending.

Here’s the Meet the Press clip:

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Granholm is fond of the term “teachable moment.” Another “teachable moment” is Michigan. Look at what Granholm and her cohorts have done to the state — counter-productive, boneheaded, short-sighted and dim-witted initiatives that Obama and the Democrats have been gracious enough to roll out nationally — and you’ll have all the evidence you need as to why any advice from Jenny G. should be heeded by doing precisely the opposite, or ignoring it altogether.

**Written by Doug Powers

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