Left-wing campus embraces unapologetic, murdering peacenik bomber

Nope, not Bill Ayers.

Meet Karl Armstrong. Via the Wisconsin State Journal (hat tip-reader Gregor):

The bombing of Sterling Hall on the UW-Madison campus by anti-war radicals in the early morning hours of Aug. 24, 1970 has a peculiar hold on Madison even 40 years later, in part because of the many lives that were changed by the blast — most notably the lives of Robert Fassnacht, the researcher killed in the explosion, and his family.Here’s a look at what has happened to others involved in that history-changing moment.Bomber: Karleton ArmstrongFrom his juice stand on Library Mall, Karleton Armstrong will hand you a strawberry smoothie and you might never know he was responsible for bombing Sterling Hall 40 years ago.For the past 30 years, he has lived in Madison as a respectable businessman, the proprietor of Loose Juice, and before that, the popular sandwich shop Radical Rye.

Watch this video for more praise and paeans to Armstrong as he blithely makes smoothies on campus — and brags that the murderous attack was “the right thing to do.”

Another of the left-wingers bombers that day, Leo Burt, remains on the loose. Armstrong has called for the government to grant Burt amnesty because, he says, being on the run, has been “punishment enough.”

Tell that to the surviving wife and three children of Robert Fassnacht, the 33-year-old scientist killed in the bombing.

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