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‘Restoring Honor’: The Day After Wrap-Up & Whitewash

By Doug Powers  •  August 29, 2010 09:55 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The challenge: to trivialize this in order to dismiss it as irrelevant:


No simple task.

The best way dismiss the gathering is to make it into a racial issue (no big surprise). This requires proving it’s all about racism, but in order to do so, the media must wade into the crowd, find unwhite people, and patronize them by asking what the hell they’re doing there (it’s been done previously, but they rarely get the answer they’re looking for).

Reporters never seem ashamed of the fact that they’re singling out black people and essentially calling them stupid right to their faces without knowing anything about them (that’s kind of racist if you ask me), and a CBS reporter certainly didn’t shy away from doing so yesterday:

CBS News: “I’m noticing that there are not a lot of minorities here today, why do you think that is?”

Black woman at Glenn Beck rally: “They’re probably over there with Al Sharpton.”

Yeah, she was right:


I waited with race-baited breath for a reporter to head over to Sharpton’s rally and question the lack of diversity there, but it never happened.

In any case, does this girl at the Restore America rally appear to concerned for her safety or feel like she doesn’t belong? Ah, the naivety of youth (click the pic to enlarge):


Poor kid is obviously frightened beyond belief.

Now for some “compare & contrast” as far as cleanliness goes. Here’s the National Mall, post Restoring Honor rally, where hundreds of thousands of anti-environment, non-green, polluting right wingers had been gathered:

And here’s the Mall after Obama’s inauguration — the ironic aftermath of a party consisting of a million environmentally conscious progressives who voted in 2008 in part for a cleaner planet in order to fight climate change (h/t HAP):

Finally, by way of Ed Driscoll, it’s time to play “how many factual errors can you find in this CNN screen-grab?” (Hint: there are at least three)


Did you find all three?

Unless I’m mistaken, it’s Beck speaking, not Palin. Her named is “SaraH” not “Sara” — and she ran for vice president and not president. I think CNN got the Chilean miner thing right though, so credit where credit is due.

Update: Is Glenn Beck running for president?

Fun to think about, if for no other reason than the Scanners-like effect Beck has on the heads of the left might spread to voting booths.

Update II: Bitter clingers, that’s what they are.

Update III: Lowball crowd size estimate of the day: CBS News reports about 87,000 attended (apparently they got the rally figure mixed up with the total of how many Democrats are in CBS, NBC and ABC’s newsrooms). NBC reported 300,000, and if you don’t hear event organizers saying there were more than that, it’s because 300,000 was the limit of their permit.

**Written by Doug Powers

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