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Move-Out Day for Sarah Palin’s Creepy-Stalker-Guy Neighbor

By Doug Powers  •  September 5, 2010 09:50 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Todd Palin can take down the fence, at least until this guy moves back in next spring:

Palin’s neighbor of three months on Wasilla’s Lake Lucille, author Joe McGinniss, is packing his bags and notebooks and leaving Sunday for his home in Massachusetts to write the book he has been researching on the former governor and GOP vice presidential candidate.

The book’s angle is apparent: Evil Sarah and her henchmen have such a grip on her town that McGinniss was denied a peek behind Wasilla’s Iron Curtain due to a climate of fear in You-Bet’chaville:

McGinniss would not reveal what his book will say about the former governor. But he did get a taste of the support Palin has inspired.

“It’s just a peculiar thing, but she does, as I found out in May, she presses a button and what comes back is hate,” he said. “The people who respond when she complains about something are just so filled with hate. I got some of the ugliest, most vile e-mails directed at me, my grandchildren, my children, my wife — just ugly, ugly stuff.”

As for his interviews, most people he approached in Palin’s hometown were willing to speak, but he said there was what he calls an “undercurrent of fear.”

“People — I don’t know if they’re afraid of shadows or whether there’s something real there — she’s no longer in a position of governmental influence but there are people up there who are scared to death to talk because if Sarah ever found out they talked, oh, something terrible would happen to them,” he said.

So if you want to know what the book’s about without buying it, just rent Road House and substitute Sarah Palin for Brad Wesley, and put Joe McGinniss in the role of Patrick Swayze’s character Dalton — except have Dalton give up and move out at the end instead of saving the town.

McGinniss calls it “hate,” but some of us rubes in flyover country simply consider not being very helpful to some jackwagon who’s only in town to smear one of our residents “sticking up for our neighbors.” A foreign and frightening concept to some.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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