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New Democrat Voter Recruitment Tactic: Bieber Fever! (Backup Plan: ‘Hanna Montana Mania!’)

By Doug Powers  •  September 13, 2010 12:07 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

You can’t blame these desperate Democrats, really — as of today, Justin Bieber is the only issue that Democrats aren’t running away from:

The organization [Campus Progress] is highlighting a submission to its VoteAgain2010 video contest that argues, while Bieber can’t vote in our midterms (he’s both too young and too Canadian), shouldn’t you?

“This isn’t your standard election year video of celebrities asking you to vote,” the ad says. “It’s us, asking you to vote for celebrities who can’t, celebrities like Justin Bieber. Bieber’s too young to vote, yet whomever we elect in the 2010 midterm elections will impact his future and ours. … So tell your parents, your grandparents, your Facebook friends … If they won’t do it for you, ask them to do it for Bieber.”

Also note that “Bieber Fever” is not endorsed by Justin Bieber:

Come on, America — if you’re not going to vote for Democrats for yourselves, think about all the wealthy, underage Canadian entertainers you’ll be saving! It warms my heart to know that if we re-elect Democrats on behalf of Justin Bieber, at least Justin Bieber has the means to flee the disastrous end results. So what do we have to lose?

Obama’s already threatened to kill the Jonas Brothers, so Bieber is now the only hope. What other angles can Dems take? “Recovery Summer Soiree”? “Stimulus-Palooza”? “Unemployment Line Shindig”?

Bieber Fever it is.

**Written by Doug Powers

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