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Mainstream Media Genius of the Day

By Doug Powers  •  September 14, 2010 03:29 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Intrepid and inquisitive reporter Meredith Vieira wonders what’s so good about tax cuts. Why should we keep them? After all, they’ve been tried, and the economy is still sucking wind like Michael Moore trying to catch up to the hot dog vendor at Mile High Stadium, right?

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The economy is on life support with Obama standing on its oxygen hose because of a binge in spending, Meredith.

To put it in the form of a question that Vieira can more easily, but probably still won’t, correctly answer: Is ABC News laying people off by the bushel and closing bureaus because their taxes aren’t high enough?

Don’t answer that. I’ve laughed enough already.

(h/t The Hope for America)

**Written by Doug Powers

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