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Seven-state primary night open thread: O’Donnell wins in DE, NH GOP Senate race tightens, Lazio goes down in NY to Tea Party upstart; Rangel rides again

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2010 08:45 PM

Delaware is on the front-burner tonight as seven states tally up primary votes.

The DE Secretary of State page has crashed due to massive traffic.

Via Twitter, poll jockeys are reporting that Christine O’Donnell is leading Soros Republican Mike Castle in the DE Senate GOP primary by 54-45 with 47 percent reporting. Yowza.

Let us know if you are in Delaware or any of the other primary night states.

More to come…

Update: 8:53pm Eastern Former GOP Gov. Bob Ehrlich has won MD GOP gubernatorial nomination. Will run against old nemesis and current Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley.

In New Hampshire, Manchester Union Leader reports on GOP Senate primary (unofficial results): Lamontagne 5,055 leading Ayotte 2,878.

9:04pm Eastern: 75 percent of the vote in in DE…O’Donnell holding steady 53-46.

Via Jamie Dupree: “Delaware election website reports that GOP voter turnout is 26% today, while Dem voter turnout is 9%.”

9:13pm Eastern AP calls the race for O’Donnell.

Nine-term, cap&tax, bailout buddy Soros Republican Mike Castle has been denied a Senate seat. Thank you, Christine O’Donnell.

10:22pm Eastern. O’Donnell victory speech livestream here.

11:07pm Eastern. All the live primary results from WaPo here.

GOP establishment’s Rick Lazio goes down in NY to Tea Party newcomer Carl Paladino for NY GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Can you hear them now?


Congrats to Sean Duffy, winner of the GOP congressional primary race to challenge encrusted Democrat fossil David Obesy in Wisconsin.


Oh, goodie. Corruptocrat Dem Charlie Rangel rides again:

New York Democratic congressman Charles Rangel, facing ethics charges that have made him a pariah to many in his own party, handily won a primary Tuesday night -– a victory that nearly guarantees him another two years in Congress.

“This isn’t a win for Charlie Rangel, this is our communty’s win. This is all of you that spoke,’’ he told supporters even before the votes had been counted.

“My heart is beating so fast because of the terrible accusations and allegations,’’ he said. “It beats fast because of my pride in coming from a community and my friends and voters say hey, we’ll make the decision.’’


1:05am Eastern: NH Ayotte-Lamontagne race has tightened. Lamontagne 39.7 to Ayotte 38, with 36 percent in.

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