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Out: Palin’s a McCarthyite — In: Palin’s the Anti-Christ

By Doug Powers  •  September 18, 2010 03:09 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The AFL-CIO organized a protest of Sarah Palin’s appearance in Louisville, Kentucky this week, and they helped keep it classy. I guess calling Palin the second coming of Joe McCarthy wasn’t moving votes towards Democrats fast enough, so now it’s being ratcheted up a notch to “anti-Christ.”

Here’s the sign held by a protester named Doris Beeler:


Can you believe that? I know… everything’s spelled correctly. We should expect nothing less from someone involved in higher education (the University of Louisville should be beaming with pride at the intelligence of members of their resident advisory council).

Click the pic to roll tape. The moonbat fun starts at about 1:10…


Beeler also apparently has (or had) a beef with the Social Security Administration. Can somebody please tell her Palin doesn’t work for the SSA? Maybe it’s all a big misunderstanding.

**Written by Doug Powers

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