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Mosque-in-a-Box: For the Muslim on the Run

By Doug Powers  •  September 20, 2010 04:32 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


From the makers of Compact Confessional, Port-O-Temple, Mini-Minaret and Pocket Monastery comes Mosque in a Box:

What to do if you’re too busy to make it to Friday prayers? An imam in France has come up with just the thing: a portable mosque. There are models for all price ranges, from basic to deluxe.

In today’s busy modern world, spare time is an increasingly precious commodity. The same holds true for Muslims as well, of course — a truth that has prompted an imam in Paris to come up with an unorthodox solution. For Muslims too busy with work to attend Friday prayers at the local mosque, the imam has designed a portable mosque in box that can be used anywhere.

The portable unit is meant to substitute a mihrab, or a prayer niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the direction of Mecca.

Bounachma told journalists in Paris that he has several different models, ranging from a children’s version that retails for €69 ($90), to a high-end model, complete with loudspeaker, for €450 ($588). The collapsible units are made from rigid cardboard, Styrofoam, plywood or plastic.

What are the odds these end up being carried by Taliban jihadists in Afghanistan who will then expect it to make them “off limits” to attack?

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**Written by Doug Powers

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