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Nothing Says ‘Thanks for Visiting the US’ Like Pickled Okra

By Doug Powers  •  September 25, 2010 02:47 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


As the world leaders were back in the City scheming to divvy up money that doesn’t belong to them, the spouses hung around with FLOTUS and received a basket that I’m predicting will come to be known as “the re-gifting heard ’round the world”:

First lady Michelle Obama underscored her healthy eating project today by giving U.N. spouses a tour of a working farm near New York City, and giving them nature-themed gifts.
The first lady also gave the spouses gifts tied to the kitchen garden she set up at the White House. The descriptions are provided by the White House:

A special recipe of pickled, hand-picked ingredients from the White House Kitchen Garden, including sun gold tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, chocolate bell peppers, carrots, lemon verbena, and fresh herbs are presented in jars with the First Lady’s signature. The jars are topped with original artwork done by California artists, Michael Cronan and Karin Hibma, who were inspired by a photo of Mrs. Obama tending to the garden with children and a wheelbarrow.
Each gift is presented inside a one-of-a-kind, hand woven basket made of Maplewood harvested in the Midwest by The Longaberger Company, which is a family-owned and operated American company that has been in business for over 100 years. Each basket is lined with a khaki canvas insert. A nickel tag is affixed to the outside of each bag and engraved with the words, “Made Exclusively for Michelle Obama.”

Well of course — who else is going to eat this stuff?


The secret is to use only extra-virgin formaldehyde. For some reason I just had a flashback to high school science lab.

That gift was for the spouses — the visiting men who spent the week hanging out with Barack were sent home with baskets containing much better gifts: An iPod (pre-loaded with all the president’s speeches), autographed photo of Jay-Z, a divot repair tool, Hope & Change limited-edition signature gold-plated putter, carton of Marlboros, autographed copy of “I, TOTUS” and gift certificate for a bacon triple cheeseburger at Ray’s Hell.

Bonus Trivia: The First Lady of Cameroon was the only visiting dignitary to have hair bigger than the country she represents.

(h/t Todd Starnes and WZ)

**Written by Doug Powers

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