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Great Moments in Product Placement History; Update: Book Thrower an Obama Fan

By Doug Powers  •  October 10, 2010 10:06 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

President Obama’s trip to Philadelphia today was met with a protester or attention-seeker of some sort, but as security hauled him out, they covered him up most appropriately:


I’ll never again see moonbat genitalia without being reminded of Hope & Change. No matter what the guy’s political and/or PR motivations, the left has finally found their “out of control teabagger.”

According to the Daily Mail, at the same event today, some idiot also sent a book airborne while Obama was on stage (click the pic for a larger version):


Here’s a slightly enlarged photo of the book — anybody recognize the back cover? I’m just curious:


The Daily mail said it’s not known at this time if it was the naked man who threw the book, but if it was, I don’t want to know how he smuggled it in.

I’m only guessing that the suspected book thrower (Reuters is now reporting the story) isn’t a known right-winger, or it would be “breaking news” on CNN by now.

Update: Will the streaker collect $1 million?

Update II: Here’s why the “book throwing” story isn’t big news — the thrower is an Obamagasmic Obamaniac. If he had been a Tea Partier this would be the lead story on all the nightly newscasts.

**Written by Doug Powers

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