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Joe Biden Will Be Obama’s Running Mate Again, According to… Joe Biden

By Doug Powers  •  October 14, 2010 12:54 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

I wonder if the rest of Team Obama is aware of this:

“I tell you what, there’s real trust, that’s why he’s asked me to run again,” Mr. Biden said Monday, dropping this tidbit at the end of a 40-minute conversation, just before he dashed off to his third fund-raiser of the day. “Look, he said, ‘We’re going to run together, are you going to run?’ I said, ‘Of course, you want me to run with you, I’m happy to run with you.’”

This either means that Joe’s talking out of his rear end again, or Hillary has already said “hell no.”

I’m happy for Joe — he sounds as giddy as someone who was asked to the prom for the second year in a row by the football team’s star quarterback (nine fumbles, 14 picks and negative yardage on the season notwithstanding).

You can hardly blame them for looking past the mid-term and starting to focus on the 2012 campaign already, but I’d suggest that the White Star Line at least wait until the first ship fully goes under before publicizing plans for Titanic II.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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