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Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet’s disastrous cut-and-run radio interview

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 1, 2010 01:49 PM

Just last week, I noted Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet’s botched attempt to spoon-feed the local media.

The Bennet campaign screwed up again big time again — sending him to phone in to KHOW’s indefatigable independent watchdog Peter Boyles after months and months of avoiding the show.

Bennet assumed he’d be able to use KHOW airwaves to regurgitate his Democrat GOTV talking points.

No go.

Listen here to Bennet’s disastrous cut-and-run radio interview, which lasted a grand total of 40 seconds.

*Update: Here’s the clip*

Boyles hammers Bennet for ducking him; interrogates him over his support for failed, corruption-plagued USAO nominee Stephanie Villafuerte, and drills him over the scandalous Cory Voorhis immigration enforcement railroading before Bennet hung up.

Partial transcript:

BOYLES: This is Senator Michael Bennett. Good morning, sir.

BENNETT: Good morning, how you doing?

BOYLES: I gotta ask you, man, we have been trying to get you on this radio show since you took office. Why now?

BENNETT: Uh, uh, I don’t know, uh, (laugh), uh, I actually didn’t know that, why now, just to urge everybody to go to the polls and vote in this really important election.

BOYLES: I mean, what’s in it for you to come on this show? You would not come on the show. We’ve tried you so many times to come on this radio show. And this morning, the day before, you come on the radio show. I don’t get it.

BENNETT: Well, uh, I just thought it was important to say to your listeners that it was critical for them to get out and vote. And, uh, I apologize I haven’t been on. I’ve traveled this state 30,000 miles.

BOYLES: No, no, no. We’ve tried you in DC. We tried you in Denver. We put phone calls in to you. And your people ignored us. They won’t even call us back. And now 7:00 this morning?

BENNETT: I’m sorry about that…

BOYLES: Don’t be sorry…but why wouldn’t you come on the show?

BENNETT: ‘Kay, we’ll do it another time…Ok?


Bennet also appeared on conservative talk radio station KHOW after being chastised for avoiding interviews but he cut his appearance short to only 40 seconds.

Asked why Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter decided not to run for re-election, he said it was because of his family. Bennet also mistakenly said at first that he didn’t support Ritter’s chief of staff, Stephanie Villafuerte, for U.S. Attorney.

“I didn’t vote for her, she didn’t come up for a vote,” Bennet said when asked about Villafuerte.

When host Peter Boyles said that he and Sen. Mark Udall had supported a “blue card” vote to advance her nomination, Bennet said “I don’t think I gave it… I did, I did because I thought she was qualified for the job.”

Tomorrow, Colorado voters get to hang up on Bennet and Buck Washington.

Can’t come a moment too soon.


Latest poll has Buck up by 4.

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