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How Kevin Spacey Can Help Get the Money Out of Politics

By Doug Powers  •  November 15, 2010 04:50 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A good chunk of Hollywood always seems to think there’s “too much money” everywhere — with the exception Hollywood — and Kevin Spacey has a suggestion for getting the money out of politics:

(CNSNews.com)- Emmy award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, star of the new film “Casino Jack,” says he blames television networks “to some degree” for lobbyist influence on the political process. He says television networks should run legitimate political ads “for free” as a public service.

“Casino Jack” tells the story of former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was sentenced to federal prison for fraud and corruption charges.

If Spacey is serious about getting the money out of the political process, I can get him started without having to dump red ink on the bottom line of broadcast companies that are already filing for bankruptcy by the bushel.

Take a look at just a sliver of the money Hollywood celebs have donated to politicians and political causes. Spacey has thrown his share of dollars into the political process as well. What does Spacey think politicians and political organizations do with that money? Give it to homeless shelters?

Am I suggesting that Spacey and the rest of Hollywood stop donating money to, and raising money for, politicians? Not at all — that would be presumptuous and un-American of me. It’s not my place to tell somebody else how to spend his or her money, and I know the Hollywood left agrees (pause for laughter).

Here’s what I am suggesting: That Kevin Spacey head up a movement to convince movie studios to offer tickets to their films at theaters for free, as a public service.

If movie tickets were free, eventually, many of these actors who are helping further infect the political process with their dollars would no longer have the means to do so. Kevin Spacey would then be able to sleep better at night on his cot at the YMCA knowing that he did as much as he could in his own corner of the universe to un-corrupt the American political process.

Please consider it, Mr. Spacey!


Speaking of politics, money and television, I’m reminded of a somewhat related story. One evening years ago I was out with my former boss, the president of a mid-sized broadcast company, along with a few other people. One of the other people at the table worked for a bank, and the topic of “getting the money out of politics” came up.

The banker, like Spacey, said television stations should give their time to politicians for free. My boss, without missing a beat, asked, “Why don’t the banks just give them the money?”

The banker went back to eating her salad without saying a word.

**Written by Doug Powers

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