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Sen. Rockefeller: One-Man Cable News Death Panel

By Doug Powers  •  November 18, 2010 10:25 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

According to Senator Rockefeller (D-Silver Spoon), the reason people have lost faith in government is because of… Fox News and MSNBC.

Because Rockefeller cares so much about our positive perception of government, he’s been doing some fantasizing out loud about having the FCC pulling the plug on both cable nets:

During a committee meeting on Wednesday about television retransmission consent, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) veered away from his prepared remarks to take aim at both Fox News and MSNBC:

More than just retransmission consent ailes our television markets. We need new catalysts for quality news and entertainment programming. I hunger for quality news. I’m tired of the right and the left. There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to Fox and to MSNBC, “Out. Off. End. Goodbye.” It’d be a big favor to political discourse, our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and, more importantly, in their future.

The New York Times reminds Rockefeller:

There is little the Federal Communications Commission can say about Fox News or MSNBC since the channels are on cable, not delivered over the broadcast airwaves.

To put it in language Sen. Rockefeller might better understand, telling the FCC to pull the plug on Fox News and MSNBC is like calling a plumber to get the ticks off your polo pony.

If the government is ever loaded with fully competent statists we’re in bigger trouble than we already are.

On second thought, maybe Jay’s on to something. Take a look at this national debt graph and its correlation to the death of the “fair” network news for which Rockefeller longs and the rise of cable news:


That’s can’t be a coincidence. We’ve got to get rid of cable news before they bankrupt the country! Help us, Senator Rockefeller, you’re our only hope!

**Written by Doug Powers

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