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How High Does the Unemployment Rate Have to Get Before Dems Re-Think Tax Hikes?

By Doug Powers  •  December 4, 2010 10:16 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At Pajamas Media, Ed Driscoll highlights the following question from the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin concerning the most recent “unexpected” lousy jobs report for the umpteenth straight week:

This is going to make the Democrats’ position on taxes even more precarious. Do they really want to vote to subject anyone to a tax hike? I mean, at 10 percent or 12 percent unemployment (though we hope we don’t get to those figures), would they give up their class warfare shtick?

Driscoll helped answered Rubin’s somewhat rhetorical question with a flashback to 2008 featuring Colorado Senator turned Job Killing Czar, Ken Salazar.

Sen. Mitch McConnell was trying to set an emergency trigger point for the price of a gallon of gas at which the US government would allow for increased domestic drilling of oil. As you may recall, Salazar didn’t consider even $10 a gallon to be enough of an emergency to allow more domestic drilling:

This economic snuff-film so impressed one Barack Obama that Salazar was chosen to head up the Department of the Interior as the Secretary charged with ensuring that as many Americans as possible see the interior of an unemployment office.

“How high does the unemployment rate need to get before the Democrats remove the tax hike option from the table?” I’ll answer Jennifer’s question with a question: How high can you count?

If you know anybody who actually believes that the crop of Democrats currently in charge are concerned in the least about real, private sector job growth, please have them contact Al Gore — he has some carbon credits to sell them.

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Unsurprising Update: Fox News: Senate Republicans vote down tax cuts for middle class only:

Senate Republicans on Saturday voted against extending the Bush tax cuts to only the middle class in a pair of votes Democrats are seizing to paint the GOP as guardians of the rich.

The Republicans wouldn’t compromise (what sense does raising taxes on job creators — or anybody for that matter — with unemployment at 10% make?), so now it’s back to the drawing board on negotiations for extending the cuts to all levels of income. In the meantime, the Democrats will paint themselves, ironically, as the party of tax cuts for the middle class who have been blocked by a GOP that is only interested in protecting their rich, fat cat friends (well, except these rich, fat cat friends) when all along the Dems’ goal has been to find a way to let the Bush cuts expire across-the-board.

Here’s a laugher from Claire “pitchforks” McCaskill:

“All those people out there in the Tea Party that are angry about the economics of Washington, they really need to look at this,” Sen. Claire McCaskill., D-Mo., said Friday as Democrats took turns pummeling Republicans.

“They need to pull back the curtain and realize that you’ve got a Republican Party that’s not worried about the people in the Tea Party,” said McCaskill, who will be on the ballot next year. “They’re worried about people that can’t decide which home to go to over the Christmas holidays.”

Claire, the Tea Party didn’t vote to send Republicans to Washington to compromise with you, but to stop you. If anything this little show vote is a good initial indicator for the Tea Party.

**Written by Doug Powers

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