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Climate Change Scheme in Jeopardy: Scramble on to Retool Messaging Effort

By Doug Powers  •  December 5, 2010 04:17 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Those prayers to Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel so far aren’t working:

The number of Americans who believe that global warming is a scientific fact has been dropping, and environmental groups and climate scientists who say the evidence for warming is clear are scratching their heads over this reversal and scrambling to find a new strategy.

Three years ago, former Vice President Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for publicizing the threat of climate change with his book and documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth. After that, scientists rejoiced, says Dan Lashof, director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group.

“We in the scientific community by and large said OK, the science debate is over, we are moving our efforts into what we are going to do about it. And that left the science debate in the public largely untended,” he says. “That has been recognized as a strategic error.”

A plot to redistribute the world’s wealth based on a movie produced by a guy who profits greatly from the solution to the “crisis” — why would anybody have a problem with that?

This sounds like the Democrats excuse going into the elections last month when it was clear their takeover ploys were being resoundingly rejected by the voting public: “It’s not that our plan is bad, it’s that we’re not communicating it well enough.”

So the global warmists want help with their message? I ran across this advice to be heeded in the comments at Free Republic:

hyperbole is like antibiotics. If you use it all the time in high doses for everything, and even when you don’t need it, the stuff loses its effectiveness.

Additionally, if the climate change alarmists really want to know what’s wrong with their message, they need look no further than some of the enviro-hypocrites who run their movement. People might be more inclined to believe Al Gore’s “we’re all gonna die unless we cut our carbon footprint” if Gore appeared in the least to believe it himself. Gore admitting that he peddled a super-expensive “green” failure merely for political gain doesn’t help the cause either.

Here’s another messaging problem: Flying people from 194 countries from all over the world to Cancun, Mexico to talk about the need to greatly reduce unnecessary long-haul flights? Those kinds of eco-punchlines don’t exactly make the global warming “threat” reek of immediacy and warm people to the cause. The science is settled.

Update: Another reason for the sudden panic.

**Written by Doug Powers

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