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‘Gore Effect’ Strikes the Cancun Climate Change Summit

By Doug Powers  •  December 8, 2010 09:36 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

This “Gore Effect” update is brought to you by Carhartt.
Carhartt, the cold-weather outfitter of choice for the discerning Gorebot who knows that freezing to death at a global warming summit gives the deniers the upper hand


One thing’s for certain: Ixchtel, the Mayan Moon Goddess to which the global warming summit people are praying, is not only wearing her insulated bra and heated underwear in Cancun this week, but she also has a helluva sense of humor.

Today’s irony overdose courtesy of Ice Age Now:

“With the UN Climate Change Conference underway in Cancun to discuss the dangers of Global Warming, the resort host location is experiencing its third straight day of record cold temperatures,” says reader Richard Nathan.

Today the mercury fell to 53F in Cancun. The record for this date – 57F – was set in 2000.

Yesterday, the temperature in Cancun fell to 53F, a new record, and on Dec 5th it fell to 51F, yet another new record.

Here’s a screen cap of yesterday’s record low in Cancun from Weather Underground by way of Watts Up With That:


The average low in Cancun vs. the actual low today (from Weather.com)


Don’t worry though. When the summit attendees from almost 200 countries fire up their jets to fly home, I’m sure things will warm up just a little.

Related Update: Al Gore now promoting a “biblical basis for our engagement with global warming.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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